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2021 Auction

Click on the Auction Registration Packet link below. Read the
information there.
Fill it out on your computer. Or print the registration form, fill out the information and mail it to us or scan it and email it to us. It's that easy!

PDF Forms and Information
Auction Registration Packet
2019 Antler Auction Brouhure


Archived Antler Lists
(web pages, with some photos)

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Archived Auction PDFs

2019 Antler List w/prices
2019 Totals Report

2018 Antler List w/prices
2018 Totals Report

2017 Antler List w/prices
2017 Totals Report

2016 Antler List w/prices
2016 Totals Report

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2015 Totals Report

2014 Antler List w/prices
2014 Totals Report

2013 Antler List w/prices
2013 Totals Report

2012 Antler List w/prices
2012 Totals Report

2011 Antler List w/prices
2011 Totals Report


54th Annual
1968 - 2021
Headwaters District Boy Scouts of America
Elk Antler Auction

Saturday, Oct 2nd, 2021

7:00 AM - antler ready for inspection
8:00 AM - registration
10:00 AM - auction starts

Come to Jackson this fall for the event that you should not miss. Bring the whole family to Elkfest and see this signature event, started in 1968, and visited by people from all over the world. See the thousands of pounds of naturally shed elk antler gathered on the National Elk Refuge and sold by the Boy Scouts. These are the only antler sold at this auction. For information about other sales happening the same day, see the Rotary Club Private Antler Sales on the Events page.

This year, because of COVID, we have a LIVE Auction planned for Saturday, October 2 at 10:00 AM. Traditionally, the BSA Elk Antler Auction is held the Saturday one week before Memorial Day weekend. (Old West Days is celebrated Memorial Day weekend here in Jackson Hole.) Center street adjacent to the Jackson Town Square will be blocked off for this event. If you plan on visiting the auction as a bidder, or if you are just curious about how the auction works, scroll down to the Auction/Registration Information below.

The BSA Elk Antler Auction provides a wonderful opportunity for scouts to serve their community. The majority (75%) of the proceeds from the Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction are used for long term habitat improvement projects at the National Elk Refuge that will help the elk for many years. The other 25% is used towards funds to pay our Friends of Scouting dues. These funds are required for our district to remain in Boy Scouts of America and in most districts are raised through donations from friends and families of scouts and the community.


Auction /Registration Information

Antler will be laid out for viewing by 7:00 a.m. Each lot is tagged with a lot number and weight. Do not confuse the two. The lot number is printed. The weight is handwritten. An auction list of antler lots is available at the registration table. The registration table will be just south of the big auctioneer stand and a smaller adminstration  trailer. You may use this list to aid you in selecting the lots you wish to bid on. Remember that bidding is per pound (except for the bison skulls and the beetle cleaned elk heads). Be sure to read the Notice to Prospective Buyers and the Terms and Conditions before you register for the auction. Those are found in the Auction Registration Packet link in the left column of this page. There will also be copies at the auction .

As soon as an auction official is at the registration table, you may pick up a registration form and begin filling it out. We try to have that set up by 8:00 a.m. As soon as you see the awnings go up on the white trailer, around 9:00 a.m., we will be ready to take your registration and give you a bidder number.

We will collect a $5.00 registration fee the day of the auction. Have it and your driver's license with you when you come to the trailer to turn in your registration and/or pick up your bidder card. The auction will begin at 10:00 a.m. and typically lasts two to three hours.


Register Now

We encourage you to register now. Registering early assures that your information is in our database before the auction begins. (Sometimes, for various reasons including volunteers not familiar with the database, networking problems, and computer glitches, the day of the auction, means that a bidder may purchase something before the name and bidder number actually make it into the database.) Since early registration is as much for us as it is for you, we do not collect the fee for registration until the day of the auction.

Those who register ahead will have a bidder card already printed and waiting to be picked up. We will have a list of names of those who have already registered.. Have a $5.00 bill with you and a photo ID when you come to claim your bidder card. The $5.00 is to pay for the registration and the ID is to make sure we are giving the bidder card to the correct person.

Sometimes, for various reasons including several things happening at once in the little trailer we are in the day of the auction, volunteers not familiar with the database, networking problems, and computer glitches means that a bidder may purchase something before the name and bidder number actually make it into the database. This is another good reason to get registered ahead.


Antler Lots

We try to provide a variety of lot types. We sort and bundle antler into the following lots. They will be lefts, rights, or lefts and rights, and be graded by size small, medium, and large:

  • matched pairs
  • bundles of small antler (appx. 6 lbs/antler)
  • bundles of medium antler (appx. 8 lbs/antler)
  • bundles of large antler (appx. 10 lbs/antler or more)
  • bundles of small one and two point antler for knives, etc.
  • pallets, lefts and rights, and matched pairs (200-400 lbs)
  • pallet(s) of broken antler for dog chews and crafts
  • small trailer of bulk antler
  • large trailer of bulk antler
  • trailer of white antler
  • winter kill skulls
  • beetle cleaned skulls
  • bison skulls
  • deer and moose antler (rarely)

These antler are stored inside, out of the weather and sun, shortly after being picked up. 

Our beautiful beetle cleaned skulls are professionally processed by Ronell Skinner at his Skinner's Skull Shop, in nearby Bedford, Wyoming. His contact info is on the Contacts page.

We bundle and weight lots for the current auction the Wednesday night before the auction. We post a link to the list here on the Thursday (or Friday) before the auction.

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